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Interact clubs

Guide for our members

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Rotary clubs can energize and inspire young leaders ages 12-18 through service and encourage them to become responsible global citizens by supporting Interact clubs.

Interested in joining an Interact club?

Check with your school or contact a local Rotary club to find out if there’s an Interact club in your area. Contact the Interact club to find out how you can join its next meeting, service project, or community event.

Find a Rotary club near you.

How to get started

Download the Interact Handbook - A Guide for Sponsor Clubs and Advisers or the Interact Handbook - A Guide for Interactors to learn how to:

  • Start an Interact club, recruit members, and elect officers
  • Support club members and projects
  • Connect with Interact’s global community

Get your club chartered

Once you’ve organized your members and elected officers, you can apply for a charter from Rotary International. No fee is required. Here’s what to do:

How to create vibrant clubs

Sponsor a club

Strong Interact clubs start with committed sponsor Rotary clubs. Rotary members support Interactors as guides and mentors, working alongside them on service projects. Learn how to sponsor an Interact club.

Update club information

Sponsor clubs must update the contact information of an Interact club adviser annually in My Rotary to maintain the club’s active status and to continue receiving resources from Rotary International.

Because Interactors are minors, Rotary International does not publicly publish lists of Interact clubs or their contact information. As a sponsor, you have access to the list of Interact clubs in your district. The report is available to all Rotarians in Rotary Club Central. Once on the Rotary Club Central homepage, select Reports from the menu on the left. Then select Service tab.

District Rotaract Representatives can access the list through My Rotary. Under District Administration, click on Reports.

Youth protection and risk management

The safety of young people is a top priority for any Rotary-related activity, especially when travel is involved. Visit the Youth Protection page on My Rotary or find our Statement of Conduct for Working with Youth and more information on student safety and risk management in the Rotary Youth Protection Guide. Take the online course Protecting Youth Program Participants in the Learning Center.

Strengthen international understanding and service

Before you start planning club activities and service projects, review the basics in the Interact Guide for Rotary Club Sponsors and Advisers (PDF) or the Interact Guide for Interactors (PDF). Then help Interact members identify their unique skills and interests and form a plan. Here are more ideas to help:

  • Be part of something bigger by supporting Rotary’s causes.
  • Participate in Global Youth Service Day and download resources from our service partner YSA (Youth Service America).
  • Show the world how Interact members take action during World Interact Week in November. Download your World Interact Week Certificate of Recognition (ZIP).
  • Submit a video for the annual Interact Video Awards that shows your club in action. The theme and submission guidelines are posted each October. Follow Interact on YouTube for details.

Interact video award winners

How to promote Interact

  • Customize promotional cards and posters with details about your Interact club or download an Interact banner from Rotary’s Brand Center.
  • Work with Rotary’s licensed vendors to design your own materials or buy supplies.

Opportunities for Interactors

Rotary has so many ways to get involved. Connect Interactors with Rotary Action Groups, Rotary Fellowships, and Rotary Friendship Exchange or tell them about Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) and our Youth Exchange program.

Interact district support

District governors may appoint a Rotary member to serve as district Interact chair. The chair oversees the Interact program, ensures that Rotary International has current club and adviser contact information, and plans activities and leadership training events for Interact members. The chair also leads the district Interact committee, which supports Interact clubs and consists primarily of Rotary members. However, Interact clubs may elect a district Interact representative to represent clubs on the committee.

Here are some resources for district leaders:

Connect online

Important dates

Check the Rotary calendar for a list of observances and due dates. Here are just a few important dates for Interact clubs:

  • August — Membership and New Club Development Month
  • 2-8 October 2023 — Rotary Alumni Reconnect Week (celebrated Monday through Sunday during the week of 5 October)
  • 30 October-5 November — World Interact Day (World Interact Week is celebrated Monday through Sunday during the week of 5 November, Interact’s anniversary.)
  • 1 December — Interact Video Awards submissions due
  • May — Youth Service Month
  • 15 August — Reports due for the Rotary Citation for Interact Clubs


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